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Can Your Sheets Help You Sleep Better?

Yes, they can, but how? Perhaps the biggest misconception in the bed sheet industry today is that you should choose your sheets based on thread count. In fact, there may be no relationship between the thread count of your sheet set and the “luxury” you will experience – or more importantly, the quality of your rest. When you do research online, you will quickly see that thread count is easily manipulated and in most cases, it is a situation of “buyer beware” – you need to learn about yarn blends, single-ply versus double-ply and other variables and then do your due diligence on a given set before you purchase it to be sure that what you are getting represents a certain level of quality. But let’s say you do find two options – a 300 TC and 600 TC that each have the same contents and finishes – now what do you do? Is 600 going to help you sleep better than 300?

Perhaps... or perhaps not! It depends upon the amount of airflow that moves through the fabric. Like the clothing you choose to work out in, or wear in inclement weather outdoors, what makes the most difference in your body’s ability to adapt to the environment is “optimal breathability” and at bedgear, we wanted to find a way to help everyone compare fabrics on a single metric, designed to elicit this information so you can make the best sleep decision.

We took a term commonly used in the HVAC and Vacuum (think Trane and Dyson), called “CFM” which stands for Cubic Feet per Minute and measures the speed at which air moves into or out of a space.

We combined this term with the ASTM air flow test, so that we could have multiple accredited laboratories around the world providing the measuring and monitoring of CFM ratings for our sheets, and that of the whole industry.

Next time you feel hot or cold, chilled or clammy in bed, think about how you feel when, throughout other aspects of your daily life and adventures, you can get that heat and moisture away from your skin by using the right gear. And then consider that the breathability of those fabrics is the what is making a difference, by letting your body temperature adjust. If you want to be able to choose your sheets on that same metric, then look for their CFM rating, currently available on all of our bedgear sheets.

We don’t want you to choose your sheets just on color, or even on hand feel! We want you to choose based on the level of air flow you desire to help you sleep better! To find out how our sheets and other rank in CFM test results, click here.