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We are proud to announce that we will be doing our part to reduce environmental impact and offset carbon emissions for your order by having trees planted to eliminate all CO2 generated by the package shipment.

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How does it work?

The number of trees planted per order depends on the distance (miles), the weight of the package, and the mode of transportation for the delivery. Based on this formula, we will plant enough trees to offset those emissions.

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The key benefit of reforestation is that trees are extremely efficient at carbon sequestration and one of the most effective tools in the fight against greenhouse gases.

By shopping online at BEDGEAR.com, you become a part of the “Place an Order, Plant a Tree” initiative, helping us reach our goal of completely offsetting all carbon emissions from shipments.

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Plant with a Purpose

Mangroves, the specific type of tree we plant, are one of the most effective and economic methods of offsetting carbon emissions. They convert carbon dioxide into plant matter, holding this material for the life of the tree and beyond.

Clean the Atmosphere

Each Mangrove tree planted in Madagascar absorbs nearly 680 pounds of CO2 from the environment over the tree’s lifetime, considered to be up to 25 years (although the tree can live longer).

Help Reduce Poverty

Tree planting also benefits the local villagers, living in extreme poverty. For every 100 trees planted together with customers, one workday is created for someone in need.

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We take pride in complete transparency as we work towards 100% carbon emission offsets on all shipments.

Trees will be planted within 14-30 days after the end of the month. Planting cycles vary based on weather conditions and the number of trees being planted.

In Madagascar, the land is almost always owned by the tribal community, but we also work within federally owned national forests.

In Madagascar, the mangroves forests are planted directly from propagules.

The overwhelming percentage of our seeds are collected by local villagers that travel into nearby remnant forests to collect native species tree seeds. Additional seeds can also be purchased from local, trusted seed banks if required to supplement collected seeds. We never purchase seedlings, but rather grow our own in our nurseries to ensure quality and germination rates.

Mangrove Restoration Systems: In Madagascar, the initial survival rate at our mangrove restoration projects exceeds 80%. However, between years three and five the young mangrove trees begin to produce their own propagules (baby mangrove trees) resulting in h5 proliferation of natural regeneration. Multiple studies demonstrate the initial survival rate combined with natural regeneration results in a luxuriant impact ranging between 150 and 500 percent.

Our planting team leaders have developed reliable systems which count and sort the number of seedlings produced in the nurseries and or mangrove propagules collected. We then plant the seedlings and prorogues within designated sites. A percentage of seedling and propagule mortality is of course inevitable. What we have discovered is mortality becomes irrelevant as natural regeneration begins to occur and begins to multiply impact. At our mangrove sites, natural regeneration typically exceeds 200% of the original number planted. Nature finds a way whenever humans cooperate.

Place an Order, Plant a Tree

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