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Sleep Clean. Stay Healthy.

Sleep Clean.

Stay Healthy.

M3 Mattress

Sleeping Clean Matters

M3 Mattress can be cleaned from the inside out with its removable and washable cover; the Independent Suspension also can be removed to vacuum the chassis.


Other mattresses don’t have zip-off covers and can’t be cleaned. Instead, these mattresses act like sponges, soaking up sweat, bacteria, germs and allergens.

What's dirtier than your kitchen sponge?

It could be your mattress. But the M3’s quick and easy disassembly allows for deep cleaning that ensures a safe and healthy sleep environment.

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Removing washable cover for easy cleaning and care
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Removable, Washable Cover

Zip-off cover provides easy care and clean nights

M3 Mattress ventilated cover for enhanced air flow
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Airflow Matters

Air-X® ventilated panels surround the mattress to provide continuous clean airflow and 100% breathability

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Easy Disassembly for Deep Cleaning

Unzip and disassemble M3 to vacuum inside, eliminating dirt and dust

Satisfied sleepers taking apart the M3 Mattress to clean inside free of bacteria and dirt
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Stay Clean
Stay Healthy

The modular design and zip-off components allow for quick and periodic deep cleaning of your sleep environment

Inside of the M3 Mattress, dissasembled for quick and easy cleaning

See what our M3 Clean Sleepers Think

five star review

“I really like that I can open the whole thing up and clean it out if I want. Can't do that with a traditional mattress.”

- Jack, Maryland

five star review

“The option to purchase different suspension for this mattress and change it out, really makes it an attractive feature.”

- Jericho, Georgia

five star review

“When you lay on it, it feels like you are floating on air. No pressure points or pinching pain anymore. We can finally get a good night sleep.”

- Rita, California

Expand your clean sleep system

BEDGEAR’s breathable products keep air continuously flowing and wick away moisture to help reduce dust mites, germs, bacteria and allergens. Protect your sleep environment for clean, healthy nights.

Take your sleep experience to the next level

Take your sleep experience to the next level

With an adjustable power base, the M3 Mattress provides additional comfort by raising and lowering the legs and torso sections. A wireless remote has three pre-set positions for TV watching, anti-snore and zero gravity. A white glove delivery service is available to install the M3 Mattress with the adjustable power base. There is also an option to remove the old mattress for a nominal charge.

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BEDGEAR Adjustable base displaying range of motion