Our Story

Better Sleep. Better Performance.

Close up of Cosmo Performance Pillow air vents

It's easy to see sleep as just rest.

If bedtime means downtime, then your bedding doesn't have much of a job to do. But if you think about sleep the way we do - as your one chance to fuel up for the day ahead - then things change: your bed becomes a major player in the way you live your life. We set out to develop products that are ready to meet that challenge.

Our story starts close to home, with a fed-up father.

Our CEO's son had developed allergies, which required him to sleep on special hypoallergenic bedding. But the materials were hot and stuffy, and his nights actually got worse, not better. Frustrated by the lack of options available, Eugene cut up breathable lacrosse shorts and sewed them back together as sheets for his son's bed. turns out he was onto something - and performance bedding was born.

What We Believe

There are three key tenets at the core of everything we do.

Your sleep is personal

Run hot, cold, or neutral at night? Not sure which pillow is right for you? Curious how to protect your mattress? We’ll help you find the pieces you need, online or in-store. And if you end up with a product that doesn’t hit the spot, we’ll help you swap it for one that does.


Temperature is key to good sleep

Your body temperature naturally changes while you sleep. If your bedding isn’t prepared to keep you balanced, you’ll get uncomfortably warm or cool. Our patented technologies help adjust your temperature to any environment, so you’re never too hot or cold.


The best teams work together

A better mattress, a better pillow, better sheets—each one is just a single piece of the puzzle. Your best sleep starts with bedding that collaborates to regulate your temperature on all fronts, and keep your body resting at just the right angle for ideal spine alignment.

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