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We Need to Overcome Racism and Fear

Eugene Alletto, CEO of BEDGEAR

There’s so much on my mind right now and so many emotions. I have heard from many of you, and I know you feel the same. These are troubling times, but we must always remember the death of George Floyd and the needless loss of other black lives.

The values of BEDGEAR have always focused on being global citizens and using communication and commerce to find common ground. Now is the time to bring that message directly home, to make sure it is in effect with every co-worker, neighbor and stranger. We need to overcome racism and fear. We need to learn about each other, appreciate each other and show kindness.

I recognize America has made progress toward reducing racism; I have seen a difference since I was a young person. However, for us to call America the land of the free, we need to go all the way and now. Black people have to feel equally free and not be afraid because of their skin color. They work, play and are willing to die for our freedoms -- yet inequality still exists.

We cannot forget this one man who represents too many lives taken from our world. We must embrace the discomfort we feel today and never let it leave us, so that we always remember to do the right thing in the future. We need to keep that in our hearts and minds every day if we are to be better and not become complacent. We cannot let this happen again!

When we put our heads down on our pillows at night, we dream of better days. When we wake up in the morning, we make those days positive by our actions. We treat each other as equals. We know black lives matter. We want to see everyone in our community live safely, without discrimination and with equal opportunity.

Let’s continue to stand together, to not forget, and to voice support for each other and against racism to everyone we meet, forever.

That’s my pledge and I hope you will join me.

Wake Up, World.

Eugene Alletto

CEO and founder of BEDGEAR