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Kids & Baby
Sleep deep. Grow up strong.

From slumber parties to naptime, your children do more than just rejuvenate when they sleep—they grow big and strong. Ensure that your little ones snooze soundly with our Performance® bedding for an optimal environment as they temperature-regulate.

Our Kids & Baby Bedding
Kids Pillows
Crib Sheets
Crib Protectors
Kids Pillows
Choosing the right pillow is essential for your child’s spine alignment and deep Z’s. Ours are built with your little one’s needs in mind, so it’s easy to find that ideal match.
Made with moisture-wicking and air flow technologies, and hypoallergenic for sneeze-free sleep.
As low as $49.99
As low as $59.99
All kids pillows available in three heights, from the 0.1 to the 0.3.
Crib Sheets
Create a soft sleep surface that also combats heat with our performance crib sheets. They keep cool air moving through and hot air moving out, so baby sleeps comfortably (and you do, too).
Fabric that breathes and wicks moisture, with a secure, snug fit to keep baby snoozing soundly.
As low as $29.99
Choose from six oh-so-cute colors.
Crib Protectors
Children naturally sleep hot. Our performance protectors shield your child’s crib or mattress from spills and night sweats, while keeping their body temperature at the right levels for solid sleep.
With breathable fabric that wicks moisture.
With heat-dispersing, cool-to-the-touch fabric.
Machine washable, for easy care.