Engineered for maximum coziness!

  1. Dri-Tec Medium-Warmth Blanket

    Dri-Tec Medium-Warmth


    Moisture Wicking

    Cozy up to comfort with our Dri-Tec® Medium-Warmth Climacore® Blanket. 

    Starting at $249.99
  2. Ver-Tex Medium-Warmth Blanket

    Ver-Tex Medium-Warmth


    Instant Cooling

    Sleep hot? Keep your cool all night long with our Ver-Tex® Medium-Warmth Climacore® Blanket!

    Starting at $299.99

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Frequently Asked Questions

The medium-warmth blankets are focused on creating a comfortable sleep enviornment to keep the sleeper at the ideal sleep temperature. The weighted blanket is more focused on supplying weight for a full body hug feeling to help with anxiety and stress.
The Hyper-Cotton Weighted Blanket is 15 pounds and is filled without beads; eliminating noise, shifting or migration of filling.
BEDGEAR blankets contain different fills, Climacore and a beadless weighted blend. Climacore is a hand-filled thermal insulation that circulates body warmth while allowing airflow so you maintain the ideal sleep temperature. The weighted blend in the weighted blankets contain layers of breathable fabrics, without any beads, for no noise or shifting of weight throughout the night.
Yes, BEDGEAR blankets are made without bead filling make our blankets safe for kids and pets.
Yes, all BEDGER blankets are high-efficiency machine washable, meaning they are made with fabrics that require less water, less energy and less detergent to keep clean.
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