No matter how you sleep, we have sheets engineered to meet your needs.


For great sleep, you need great sheets!

  1. Dri-Tec Sheet Set


    Sheet Set

    Moisture Wicking

    Sheets made with an innovative fabric engineered to wick moisture away from the body to keep you dry all night.
    Starting at $189.99
  2. Hyper-Cotton Sheet Set


    Sheet Set

    Quick Dry

    Classic cotton gets a high-tech twist with quick-drying fabric for fast evaporation of moisture and sweat buildup.
    Starting at $149.99

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Powerband is located around the fitted sheet to provide a secure fit and grip to the mattress for a smooth sleep surface.
Luxe Powerbands are located on pillowcases to ensure a snug fit and grip with you pillow, eliminating pillowcases from sliding off pillows.
No, not all fitted sheets have a Powerband. Right now, the Ver-Tex, Dri-Tec, Hyper-Cotton and Hyper-Wool sheets have a Powerband, but the Basic Sheet Set does not.
No, not all sheet set pillowcases include a Luxe Powerband. Right now, only the Dri-Tec and Ver-Tex Sheet Sets include a Luxe Powerband on the pillowcases.
BEDGEAR sheet sets vary in what is included in each size. Please see the product specific page for details on what is included in that specific sheet set.
No, all of BEDGEAR's sheets are made with fabrics that are wrinkle and shrink resistant.
BEDGEAR sheets fit mattresses up to 15" in height.
All BEDGEAR products are high-efficiency washable, meaning they are made with fabrics that require less water, less energy and less detergent to keep clean. They also dry quickly, meaning the dryer won't run for a long time saving even more electric.
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